New web site, www.codclothing.com, a premier online retailer of designer t shirts is introducing its versatile and stylish C.O.D. CLOTHING t shirt collection for guys. The simple, bold designs are intended to get attention and express the wearer's personality through humor and a one of a kind graphic artwork.

C.O.D. CLOTHING is a contemporary designer take on the gamer fan t shirt fused with the authenticity of the Military t shirt. The C.O.D. CLOTHING t shirt collection is inspired by the success of online shooting video games and the historic way the Military has inspired fashion over many generations. To capture the authentic nature of Military gear C.O.D. CLOTHING incorporates imagery, terminology and simplicity into all of the designs including their iconic logo of a parachute dropping a crate. Their slogan says it all: CARE PACKAGE…MARKED FOR DELIVERY! Tells the customer that they are going to receive a special product they will enjoy each time they wear it.

The first collection consists of 8 Limited Edition t shirt designs, each one unique in its own way. Some of the graphic elements include a Crossbow, Rocket Launcher, Claymores, Smoking Gun and the view as a sniper. These t shirts are offered in a variety of colors to include Black, White, Ivory, Fatigue Green and Light Grey.

Each tee is hand screen printed in New York City for maximum definition on the highest quality materials made by Alternative Apparel. All designer t shirts are available in Men’s Small through Extra Extra Large. C.O.D. CLOTHING t shirts are sold exclusively at their online retail store www.shop.codclothing.com. These tees are priced between $24.99-27.99. For a limited time, C.O.D. CLOTHING is offering a free Reversible Camouflage Beanie with a purchase of 2 or more t shirts per order.
Browse the edgy C.O.D. CLOTHING t shirt designs at www.shop.codclothing.com

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new hot jeans

You can get a brace of Hot Jeans for shoddy and make them look like the ones that rate a wealth. The only difference in the jeans now would be the name that is on the costly ones clearly have a name label on them. The most, I have ever paid for a brace of jeans is thirty dollars and I think even that is a little bit too steep.

I have found some jeans that have absolutely amazing designs on them like skulls and wings, but these jeans expenses around three hundred dollars and that's a charge I would never pay for a twosome of jeans. If you can get to a mall you can generally find sales on jeans at different stores. This is just something you have to explore for.

Some of the best auction prices buy one get one gratis, buy one get one half off and buy two get one liberated. I choose the buy one get one open sell. But typically when they have a deal like that they will up the assess of the one item that you are paying for but it is still typically a good contract.


personalized baby gifts

BabyStuffGifts.com, a popular online retailer of personalized baby gifts and personalized baby toys today announced that they’ve expanded their holiday shipping service to meet the demands of the last minute Christmas shopper.

“We’ re very excited to be able to provide our holiday shoppers the option of having their personalized baby gifts shipped directly to them, or to the recipient, the day after their online order has been received by us,” states Nancilyn Gray Scott, founder of BabyStuffGifts.com.“This new Rush Order Shipping service, effective December 13th thru the 17th, guarantees our customer that their order will be processed and shipped within twenty-four hours. Our goal this season is to meet the needs of busy customers shopping for high quality, one-of-a-kind, custom embroidered baby gifts, at reasonable prices and received in time to be put under the Christmas tree,” Nancilyn concluded.